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Got it! In the past decades, scholarship on the Roma judicial governance system, commonly known as 'Gypsy Court', 'Gypsy Law' or 'Romani Kris',1 has made considerable advancements, so that today the Gypsy Court is one of the central and most elaborated subjects in Romani studies.

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  7. Since the Gypsy Court is considered to be an important element in the lives of many Roma groups all around the world, its nature, origin, functions and characteristics have been widely discussed in different fields of Romani studies. In this article, we try to revise the widely spread idea that all groups who have a Gypsy Court speak Romani, using the example of the remembrance of this institution and certain elements that are still present among the Bayash of Hungary, western Serbia and northern Croatia, while in the latter case the Gypsy Court which is called l'aze da baias still functions today.

    We base our study on ethnological and anthropological field studies that we carried out in the region of Medjimurje Croatia in and in the region of Backa Serbia in , on interviews and written accounts of the Bayash from Hungary, as well as on extensive field research among the Bayash and Rudari in Serbia and Bulgaria, conducted in the past five years, which proved that they do not recall the existence of such an institution.

    Additionally, we bring forth an older Romanian ethnographic account of the rudiments of the juridical system of the Rudari from southern Romania, which apparently went unnoticed by researchers trying to clarify the mechanisms behind the existence or preservation of this institution among different Gypsy groups. By shedding light on the issue of existence of the Gypsy Court with Romanian language speaking Gypsies, the current study intends to contribute to the better understanding of the origin and nature of this institution in general.


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    Since the publication of the first accounts and ethnographies on the Romani system of justice and Gypsy Court, researchers' interest has been extremely vibrant. However, the debate the Gypsy Court among scientists from different fields of Romani studies has a history almost as long as the interest in this issue, and is still ongoing.

    C redit is given to Walter Otto Weyrauch and Maureen Anne Bell, two lawyers, who were the first to summarise the conventional wisdom on the autonomous lawmaking of the Gypsies and who made the first overall comparison with other private and public law in western democratic states.

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    Their essay, Autonomous Lawmaking: The Case of the 'Gypsies', published in the Yale Law Journal in , aimed to contribute to the better understanding of the highly developed internal laws of the Gypsies, which serve to maintain internal order and control, while at the same time unifying and protecting Gypsies and Gypsy traditions against potentially hostile host societies, and to illustrate how private lawmaking is central to the everyday workings of society Weyrauch and Bell They showed that this autonomous body of law, existing unnoticed by the dominant legal systems, has been invisible to legal scholarship and provides a considerable challenge to the established ways of thinking.