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Flower Power Energetics In Action CD – By Sana Turnock

Quantity discounts available. Quantity Price. Add to Cart. Discover How to Heal Mental and Emotional Patterns with Flower Essences Imagine a plant remedy that helps you unleash creativity, heal from heartbreak, or dissolve anxiety and stress. Get the Full Course Now In this course you will learn: How to stimulate physical balance by healing the mind and emotional heart.

How to help release emotional trauma and many types of anxiety. How to promote a clear, calm mind to encourage better sleep and meditative states.

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How to release chronic negative emotional and mental states including sadness, shame, anger, and guilt. Flower essences according to Chinese Medicine. Four Basic Levels of Therapeutic Action. How to choose flower essences effectively. Therapeutics and energetics of global and local flower essences. Flower essences for every home and clinical pharmacy. How to study a flower in a greater context using the Doctrine of Signatures.

A Flower's Power: A Course In The Energetics Of Flower Essences

How to make your own flower essences. How to integrate flower essences safely and effectively into every health care protocol and healing modality. And much more! Love and light, Angel Caban. Everything on this planet is made of the same materials. So, you and your dog, you and a rose, you and the carrot, have way more in common than you may realize. That being said, from a purely energetic level, each of these things are here to support a Universal balance and offer guidance and healing to one another — flower and person and animal alike.

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  6. You are energy and everything that has ever happened to you in your life is also stored in your body. When this energy is flowing smoothly, all of your systems, from the subtle and intangible to the physical, flow smoothly and with ease.

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    When this energy is stagnant or blocked, dis-ease on some level sets in, whether its physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual. Every single thing, alive or inanimate, is energy. Each creation of physical matter is the result of an unfathomable number of atoms vibrating together at a certain frequency. They happily buzz and hum along to create a carrot, a table, a human, a pillow, and literally everything else in this physical plane. But what dictates whether or not these tiny particles come together to form the aforementioned?

    Shame, guilt, unworthiness, and more are also tied up in these links, too. True healing must begin within and on the subtle levels so they can then create the desired gross experience. Flower Essences are ideal for helping us to shift old, outdated, and undesirable imprints, habits, or beliefs that keep us feeling stuck, frustrated, or unwell. After time, this takes its toll on our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.

    Living from the core wound affects our physiology. Transmuting your challenges into opportunities is what Core Wound Alchemy is all about.

    Stress is created through living out of the wound because we are unable to adapt to our environment, our bodies are playing catch up with their usual daily duties to compensate for all the extra stress hormones being pumped through our system. The ability to optimally digest foods and thus derive all the nutrients needed to propel proper biochemical function for everything from nail growth to hormone production and more. The cycle is truly vicious. I've been adding rose to nearly everything I've been drinking lately. In my grieving work, she has been an indispensable ally to soothe my heart as I learn how to put it back together throughout this heartbreak.

    Rose works beautifully with other mood lifters like lemon balm and lavender. Rose is often the chosen plant of many divine feminine love deities like Venus and Oshun; anoint yourself rose infused oil for self-love and beauty work; work a circle of rose petals to access the divine feminine within and around you. As it is associated with the element of water, one of the best ways to access rose magic is to add its petals into a bath you've intended to draw sweetness or ease ache in your heart.

    Make a potion of rose tea or a hydrosol to invoke fertility- not just physical, we bring into this world our craft, art, and desires. Rose magic provides a sweet vessel to bring forth new and exciting passion projects. Call on rose when you feel the passion of your heart being drained- it will either guide you to new excitement or help you recognize whether the blockage is protective or necessary.

    Add roses to that sachet filled with lavender and mugwort to guide you in dreamwork and clairvoyance.


    A Flower's Power: A Course In The Energetics Of Flower Essences | Floracopeia

    Bless your new loveships with rose tea brewed together, speaking your intentions for each other and your partnerships. Rose flowers carry the energy of the thorn magic in their stems, making them excellent protective energy. As such they are wonderful for boundary spells, particularly for soft, tender hearts that need protecting without suffocating. They teach the lesson of careful approach and reverence- our hearts particularly your hearts, darling femmes should be approached with care and reverence and those not ready to step up will find themselves in the thorns.

    We must also be careful we are not the ones who end up on the thorns as a consequence of not holding our own hearts with enough care. Roses teach us keep our hearts and spirits open without leaving them open to attack and disregard. I'd love to hear about your experiences with flower and spirit work. Do you have a particular affinity with a certain flower?

    Which are your everyday flower allies?

    Environment Secretary Michael Gove at RHS Chelsea Flower Show

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    ROSE rosa damascena Roses are one of the oldest and most widely used flower magic out there. Magic of Herbs: Rosemary Rosmarinus officinalis. Magic of Herbs: Mistletoe. Magic of Herbs: Yarrow. Magic of Herbs: Sunflower Power. Magic of Herbs: Chili, ignite your magic. Magic of Herbs: Mamawort.