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Skip to main content. The first European records of gunpowder were written in the 13th century by Roger Bacon, the English philosopher and Franciscan friar who was believed by many to have been a wizard. In , a The television series, Game of Thrones , based on George R. Martin has been referred The bloody Battle of Ankara was fought on 20 July An artifact recovered from a hilltop site overlooking the Delaware River in Eastern Pennsylvania, along with other artifacts recovered during a ten-year investigation reveals there is much to be According to Top New Stories.

An ancient warrior woman has been found in the Russian republic of Kabardino-Balkaria wearing rare Roman jewelry. When the Roman conquerors encountered the world of Gaulish deities and traditions, they tried to understand it in their own religious terms. Seeing a cult of gods and goddesses, they sought to find Doppelgangers and the mythology of spirit doubles. Human Origins. The Sumerian religion was polytheistic in nature, and the Sumerians worshipped a great number of deities.

These deities were anthropomorphic beings, and were meant to represent the natural forces of It was also used on land, and the way it worked was similar to modern-day flamethrowers. The fire would be carried with handheld pumps, and to spray them, they used small flames at the nozzle to have the liquid set on fire. It worked just as effectively on land as it did at sea, with the exception of its small supply of the liquid.

Greek fire was also shown to have a psychological impact on its victims. When it was used against Russian invaders in , the soldiers in full armor would rather drown at sea than be burned alive. Often times, the fumes that came out of the fire would cloud the area to the point where the sky darkened to night. Eventually, as gunpowder and cannons became more common in warfare, Greek fire became less of a surprise to future invaders like the Ottomans. As overpowered as Greek fire may have seen, it had its share of weaknesses.

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First of all, as mentioned earlier, while water was powerless to stop the fire, certain substances like sand and urine were able to put out the fire. Secondly, the fire was not effective during an open battle, since the enemies could easily dodge and move around the flames. Also, since production of the fire was kept secret, it was only used a handful of times. This was to lessen the chance of their enemies grabbing hold of the weapon and using it against them.

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The Byzantines wanted to make absolutely sure that they themselves would be the only manufacturers of Greek fire. Ultimately, because the process for making Greek fire was never written down and was kept extremely secretive, the weapon ceased to exist by the time the Ottoman Empire finally conquered Constantinople in Muslims did attempt to replicate Greek fire and did create their own version, but their fire was significantly weaker and for the most part only used on land.

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Very interesting article about Greek fire, I have heard of it before and its use in naval warfare. I found it informative when it was talked about the effectiveness of the fire in water and how it did not have a tendency to backfire on the user. It seems like it was very useful for the Byzantines in their struggle to stay alive and protect Western Civilization from the Islamic invaders. Many modern inventions and weapons often turn out to be new iterations of technologies and weapons that already existed at some point in history.

Its amazing to think that without the help of modern knowledge and technology the Byzantine empire was able to make a weapon so effective and powerful that we would be unable to recreate thousands of years later. I absolutely loved the powerful ending of this article! I find it very interesting now, how the Byzantines had weapons similar to flamethrowers and grenades- things that seem to be only found in modern times.

Greek fire seemed deadly beyond comprehension; burning on and under water — that would cause psychological damage to nearly anyone who saw their comrades dying this way. If this fire could burn on water, I wonder how long would it take for the flames to extinguish themselves naturally.

The family of Callinicus and the Byzantine emperor did a great job perhaps too great a job at keeping the secret of their deadly weapon. This was a very well written article. Reading about Greek fire always amazes me. And as you mention, we cannot replicate it today. I would say the closest thing we have to it would be napalm. I commend the Byzantines for their secrecy. I found this article very interesting. Often times when we discuss military history it is about generals or key battles but in this case the focus was more on the weapon not only in its physical effectiveness but in its psychological effectiveness as well.

The author does an excellent job of using imagery to describe the horrors of those who faced the Greek Fire while also doing a great job at describing why it was so effective. Overall the author did an excellent job of explaining and made the article an enjoyable read. I had never heard of Greek Fire, and its pretty cool. Reading this made me think about the fire weapons we used i believe in World War I, but we stopped using them because it was too destructive, and people were dying a slow and painful death.

The invasion of Constantinople clearly shows how much destruction the fire causes and such horrible things.

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Overall, great article! This is not the first Time I have heard of Greek Fire but this article went into a great detail about how greek fire was created, what could put it out and how it was used. I like that the author mention the battle and how much destruction and agony the greek fire cause because it shows its not a weapon to be taken likely.

This was a well writing and very interesting article.

Greek Fire: The Byzantine Empire's Secret Weapon the Ancient World Feared

I had never heard of Greek Fire before reading this article, so it was refreshing to be able to find out something about it. I find it amazing that the ingredients to fire are lost to history, probably never to found or used again. I enjoyed how you gave a detailed account of the first time that the fire was used and the invasion of Constantinople.

The article did a great job of teaching me something new and I had fun reading the article. Your email address will not be published.

Greek fire - The Byzantine ultimate weapon

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