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Reilly and Joaquin Phoenix, is out in September. The novel engages the tropes of the comedy of manners , a genre of societal critique that dates back to classical Greece and locks its gaze on the affectations and hypocrisy of the upper classes. Traditional examples—by Oscar Wilde or E.

Translate post-mortem from English to French

Forster—skewer those who privilege appearance over substance. DeWitt is a stealth absurdist, with a flair for dressing up rhyme as reason.

His best dialogue is decorous, with a preposterous thrust. Consider a conversation between Frances and Madame Reynard, whose husband choked to death over the summer.

The Motivation

She finds that she has developed meaningful friendships. She softens on her caddish husband. Something easy to plug into any professional translation environment. The first part of the translation consisted in creating a glossary of terms that would need to be consistent throughout the translation.

French translation of 'post-mortem'

Since the volume was large, it can be easy to let inconsistencies appear. While the developers did a fantastic job at gathering interesting information for cars, teams and series sometimes decades old, there were still a few small mistakes or inaccuracies left when localization started. This is hardly avoidable for such a massive project, of course, but it meant that as translators, we had to keep an eye out for potential blunders. It is mentioned that the Briton became the youngest F1 world champion ever with his first title in , which was absolutely true at the time.

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When I saw this, I made sure my translation left no ambiguity. The issue was then reported to the developers, who got it fixed in the source text as well. Of course, as a good practice, it is always recommended not to add things that are not in the source text.

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But this example shows how small alterations can lead to big trouble. The big question here was: do we translate all fictional series names, none of them or only some of them? In the latter case, on what criteria do we decide to translate a name or not?

Latin Terms and Phrases Glossary

This was a tough one to come up with. For the French localization, I decided to look at how we usually proceed in French to translate series names, starting from the lower categories.

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I would then determine what was the existing equivalent series for each fictional one, and translate their names or not based on that. And despite loving both games and motorsports, I have to admit some of the technical terms and concepts were slightly beyond my expertise.