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Mountaintops are covered in snow, and the valleys are just now seeing the first snowflakes. Some birds migrate south, while others begin to flock up for the cold season ahead.

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How do the changing seasons impact you and your family? It is a wild world out there folks, what with the election and everything unfolding at Standing Rock.

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Yet in the midst of this, as always, we're presented with the opportunity to look at the blessings in our lives. We're full of gratitude for the peace of nature, the strength of community, warm fires, and our beating hearts. What are you grateful for today? It's this place of gratitude that forms a foundation from which we can bring our best gifts into the world.

We had a great turn out from community members in Sandpoint, Spokane, and beyond, as we celebrated the harvest time together with primitive cooking. Kids young and old feasted on clay baked apples and fresh caught rainbow trout, ash cakes, wild berry muffins cooked in our own handmade rock oven, and we even made our own wild elderberry syrup, all right here on the land using primitive cooking methods that our earth based ancestors have used for tens of thousands of years.

We wove cattail dolls, sang songs of gratitude, played raucous games, had timeless wanders on the land, discovered tracking mysteries, and wrapped the bundle of the day with The Giving Circle, a simple ceremony of thanksgiving that unified the hearts of our whole community. It never ceases to amaze me how simple and powerful these old practices are, and what good medicine they offer to us in this modern day and age.

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Cattail Shoots-The Edible Cattail!

Winter here in the Inland Northwest is a magical time. The landscape is transformed by a blanket of snow, and there is a stillness upon the land. Rather than holing up, get outside this winter! Like all Twin Eagles Youth Programs, our winter break camps bring out the best in kids by connecting them deeply to the natural world, forging strong community, and developing genuine self-awareness. Click here to learn more about our Winter Break Camps!

Students truly steep in a timeless experience of the natural world with teachings of the naturalist, the tracker, the wanderer, the herbalist, the ecologist, the survivalist and the scout. Now in its twelfth year, Twin Eagles Community School is a tremendous opportunity for youth to experience knowledge of place and nature awareness all in a powerful atmosphere of cultural mentoring. Click here to learn more about Twin Eagles Community School! Spring Alive!

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  7. Indeed, all of life is being renewed! I would very grateful if anyone who has seen the series could get in touch with me if any of the images below were featured in the programme. After writing this post the production company contacted me and informed me that they did not use my images in the series.

    My recommendation to others……if people seriously want what you have they will pay for it!! From top left my log book, a silk liner I will not be taking a sleeping bag because I already have one there , wash kit, water bottle, mug and lid, thread for making nets and below that my bone netting gauge and needle I have been asked to teach net making , my Gorilla Pod and camera, the kit I wear around my neck, sun glasses, Leatherman Wave, Opinal and firesteel, my knife, Gerber folding saw, then below my tinder pouch, a pouch containing spare batteries for my phone and camera, my sewing kit, lip balm and possibles pouch.


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    Again from top left fruit leather, hot chocolate, sharpening kit, parachute cord, below my flint steel firelighting kit, a reusable tea bag for natural teas, GPS, compass and maps. Finally a cattail doll I have made as a gift, as is the whiskey, my Swedish dictionary and the most recent kuksa I have made.

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    The flowers produce large amounts of yellow pollen which can easily be collected as used as flour for bread making. Bend the flower head into a bag being careful not to break the flower stem and give it a good shake to remove some pollen. From only a few flower heads you can gather a reasonable amount of pollen. To make a bannock type bread I mix one third pollen to two thirds self-raising flower and a pinch of salt.

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    Add water and make into a dough. Once cooked, the result is a fantastic yellow bread. They make a tasty snack either eaten raw if the water source is clean or blanched briefly in boiling water. The gelatinous substance found between the mature leaves can be applied to treat burns and of course the mature leaves can be used to make dolls. Fold the broad base of a leaf over the head to form a hat and tie in place.

    The Simple Cattail Doll Pocket Book - Mors Kochanski – Nature Alive

    Here are some of mine; Including a Christmas Angel. Take one or two leaves and roll it up into a ball to form the head. Then do the same from the opposite end to form the arms. Separate in half the leaves wrapped over the head and insert the arms between them.

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    UPDATE After writing this post the production company contacted me and informed me that they did not use my images in the series. Total kit weight Reed Mace Typha sp. Add water and make into a dough Once cooked, the result is a fantastic yellow bread. Laplander's Natural Lore Blog.